The Waddle Dee Crew is a group of children that explore the GameWorld and get into crazy situations. They are not considered an Agency. The Crew consists of enemies from the Kirby Series. Unfortunately, Waddle Dee is their leader. They are the main characters in side-stories by the Writer.





Other Temporary Members



"Oh my Gods! He/She/It/They killed Natu!"


"Leapold, I have to fart. I just ate a ton of Mexican food and Moctezuma's Revenge is going to come right out my asshole!"

"You Germans just can't accept the fact that you lost in World War 2!"

Cool Spook


"What's up?"




  • The only member with a confirmed name is the Poppy Bros. Jr. His name in Leapold. This was changed later, however. Currently, Waddle Dee is the only one without a name so far.
  • Most of the Crew's members are parodies of characters from South Park.
  • The Waddle Dee Crew is based off of a series by NekoShonen236, called DeDeDe'S Army.
  • The Waddle Dee Crew includes possibly the youngest characters in SuperSpy Luigi, all of the members are around 8, 9, or 10 (Not counting Pacto.)
  • To censor and to parody South Park, instead of Rocky making fun of Leapold for being Jewish, he makes fun of him for being German.
  • Leapold has the same name as the Internet sensation, Angry German Kid, but the reference is unintentional.

Art And Other Material

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