Toad's Adventure
The new Logo for the 2014 release
Vital statistics
Author Stiv Marcotte & Dylan O'brien
Illustrator Stiv Marcotte
Published on 2011-2014
Published by Luigi Co., Nintendo Series
Publication order
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Bowser's Enemies SuperSpy Luigi
Toad's Adventure (キノピオアドベンチャー) is a Series incredibly similar to SuperSpy Luigi. It stars Toad from the Mario Series going on a long expidition. When SuperSpy Luigi was introduced, the Writer stopped working on Toad's Adventure. References to it and characters in it are still in the new series.


Plot: Toad must save a Planet entirely inhabited by the same speices as him from his evil Father and Bowser with his friends Mario, Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, Kirby, Meta Knight, Toadette, and Koopa. The group is sent back to the Mushroom Kingdom and must find a way back into Mario's Galaxy and save Planet Toad.

Setting: Toad Planet, occaisionally Mario World.

Time: Several Years before the events of SuperSpy Luigi

Voice Actors: Stiv Marcotte, Dylan O'brien

Main Protagonist: Toad

Main Antagonist: Toad's Father

Other Names:

Seasons: 5







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