The Underwhere
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The Underwhere (アンダーランド) is the "Hell" of GameWorld. All tortured souls and sinners live here with Giratina for an eternity. The Underwhere is a secondary location in SuperSpy Luigi and is the opposite of the Overthere, which is the "Heaven" of GameWorld.



The Underwhere has a volcanic landscape. Fire is usually always seen. Large rocks, bones, and debris are everywhere. Screams, whispers and pleads for help are heard around every corner.

Notable Members

Giratina (Ruler)

Shaydas (Citizens)

UnderHand (Tortured Souls)

Dead Hand




Cave: A cave in a remote area with a portal that leads to the Underwhere. Nothing else of interest is in this cave. The only other way to the Underwhere is to kill yourself.

River Twygz: A River made from the tears of sinners and leads to Giratina's Lair. It takes 50,000 coins to cross it in boat. If not, it is possible to swim in the River, but your progress will be impeded by the UnderHands. There is a door on the river's bottom you can crawl through to get to Giratina's Lair.

UnderHand Quotes

"Why do you ignore our pleads?"


"We will drag you into the very depths of HELLL....."

"Feel...our pain...."

"Why'd you leave us?....Why?....WHY!?"

"Please...come back...."




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