The StivSystem was created by Steve Marcotte, better known as Stiv. Stiv programmed the StivSystem to work in a hospital environment, and to serve as a transport entity to transport patients that are in critical condition to an ICU. It would do this by loading a patient into it's inner workings, then into a cryogenic freeze chamber, and then proceed to inject the patient with a strong local anesthetic. However, one day, the StivSystem crashed due to a segmentation fault, and once it rebooted, it began sucking up any person or living entity it could find, thus making it a very dangerous machine. Flustered and wanting as little trouble as possible, Stiv proceeded to dismantle and throw away the StivSystem. The StivSystem fell off the radar, however, because Stiv programmed it to repair and damages done to it, the StivSystem has been repairing itself with new and old parts it finds. The StivSystem is still on the prowl for any unsuspecting person, and the people who have already been captured, remain in a coma, until somebody can shut the machine down.

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