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Terrance (テランス or 徹乱世ちゃん) is Mario's and Luigi's younger cousin. He is curious about the creatures and people that live in GameWorld. Terrance is a secondary protagonist  in SuperSpy Luigi.


Age: 6

Gender: Male

Species: Toad

Affiliations: None

Homeworld: Mushroom Kingdom

Type: Protagonist

Element: Warrior/Earth

Likes: Cats,


Other Names: Terrance-Chan, Mushroom Kid

First Appearance: SuperSpy Luigi (2014)


Terrance is very curious, polite, and kind. He touches things in able to figure things out about them. Terrance is shown to never judge anyone by their appearance (Ex. Saying "Hi!" and "What's your name?" to Double and Giygas, for pete sake!) Terrance doesn't get sad or angry easily and is usually very happy to be alive. He tries his best to make veryone around him happy and feel good about themselves.




Terrance is a yellow Toad (don't ask why he's a Toad instead of a human like Mario and Luigi...) He has a torn-up vest (Appears to have bear-like scratches on it.) He has large scratch going down his face (It's unknown where this came from, possibly the same bear.) Terrance has some stitches on his cap too and also has blonde hair visible out the bottom of his cap unlike other Toads.


  • Terrance has an extremely high pain-tolerance. He's technically invincible.
  • Terrance loks timid, but it is found out that he is very strong with fighting enemies on his own.
  • He can run much faster  and jump higher than most characters in the series.

Episode Appearances (In Order)

  1. Terrance
  2. Meteor Shower
  3. Comic Prizes
  4. Terrance Owns
  5. Meteor Shower: 2nd Day (Cameo)




  1. ​In Terrance, he became an official member of the 2nd Agency, and also signs up for the SuperSpy Agency.
  2. In Meteor Shower, Terrnace was thrown at Giratina by Luigi, knocking part of Giratina's mask off.


"Hi everybody! I'm Terrance!"

"Look, Mario! She has weird body parts!"

"Wheeeeeee!!!!! Don't worry! I can do this!"

"Ouch---just kidding! You call those sharp?"

(When Mario gives Terrance the X-Ray Specs in Comic Prize) Oh look! I can see everyones funny parts! This is so cool! [Mario: OK Terrance, That's enough....]

"Ah....I love the smell of napalm in the morning!"



  • Terrance is the only Toad seen to remove his cap in the series.


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