Feel free to annihilate this wiki with dank memes, m8

SuperSpy Luigi is fan series that no longer uses this wiki.


SuperSpy Luigi follows the adventures of Luigi, brother of the world-famous video game character, Mario. He takes the role of a Secret Agent as he journeys the world, defeating monsters and other beings to gain ranks to become extremely overpowered (to help people, of course!) Along the way, he meets other video game (or other franchise) characters and all while trying to stop the plots of Bill Cipher and the Potato Gods!


Here we have or wondrous staff:

Mario2597 (creator)

Nekoshonen236 (lead writer)

SquidularVascularSystem (writer)

Blueberrypie87 (writer)

All existing characters and aspects belong to their original creators.


No more updates :(

Due to Dylan's bizarre disappearance and my discovery of Google Drive where I can write episodes of the series, this website will probably no longer get any more updates. (at least not any about SuperSpy Luigi.) Enjoy the slow destruction of the wiki.

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