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ShiverBurn (カチコチ) is the leader of the HellValleySkyTrees. He is a young, ruthless dictator and will never back down from a fight. ShiverBurn is a secondary antagonist in SuperSpy Luigi.


Shiverburn seems to get everything he wants and is very spoiled. Shiverburn is also treated like a child, being called "Kid" and "Little Boy" by his enemies and his friends. Shiverburns also acts immature and tells immature jokes (Ex. "Your Mom"). He has a dark side too, but he tries his best not to show it to anyone.


Age: Around 8 or 9

Gender: Male

Species: HellValleySkyTree

Weakness: Getting his powers removed, Annoyances

Nationality: British

Affiliations: HellValleySky Army

Type: Boss Monster

Element: Shadow/Ice/Fire

Blood Color: Orange

Homeworld: Hell Valley

First Appearance: SuperSpy Luigi (2013)


"I'm not a kid! I am a young adult!"

"Stop terrorizing me!"

"Ouch, damn it!"




Main Theme: Lava Path

Battle Theme #1: Major Burrows

Battle Theme #2: Kamella

Battle Theme #3: Megahammer

Finale Battle Theme: Lyssandre




  • Ice Manipulation
  • Fire Manipulation
  • Fire Punches
  • Ice Punches
  • Lasers


  • ShiverBurn is based off of the Super Mario Galaxy 2 level of the same name. ShiverBurn Galaxy is where the HellValleySkyTrees are found.

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