Jokes in SuperSpy Luigi that are and only put in for laughs. Most of them are from shows or cartoons the creators watched or started with other Creators and Writers of the series.

List of Running Gags

Purple FishA.K.A Scooter Rechid, is a fish from SpongeBob Squarepants usually a background character. In SuperSpy Luigi, he is frequently used for comic relief purposes.

CosmoA character from The Fairly OddParents used as comic relief, similar to Scooter. 

LeSquig: An anagram of Squigly's (From Skullgirls) name. In SuperSpy Luigi, it is a cameo character that is just a recolor of Squigly.

KibryA misspelling of Kirby's name that is frequently done by the writer. It never is actually mentioned in SuperSpy Luigi.

Filiua: A misspelling of Filia's name. It is described by the creator as "THE SECRET HIDDEN CHARACTER!" but nothing else about her is known.




Learning about MATH!?:

Mcdolan's Burgers:

Stabbed in the Eye:

Plexiglass Houses:

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