All of Rotom's forms. Normal, Fan, Wash, Mow, Heat, and Freeze.

Rotom is an Electric/Ghost type Pokemon that uses appliances to it's advantage. In SuperSpy Luigi, it raises hell all over the Agency. Rotom is a minor antagonist/protagonist.


Rotom: is a trickster that loves hurting or fatally injuring anyone with electricity. In different forms, it's persona changes drastically.

Wash: Wash Rotom is more playful than Rotom's other forms, but it still enjoys ripping peoples skin off with water blasting at 700 miles per hour.

Fan: Fan Rotom is wildly out of control. It will chop anything up with it's blades.

Heat: Heat Rotom is extremely dangerous. It burns anything it sees. It can be easily angered.

Freeze: Freeze Rotom is easy going. It doesn't seem to move at all.

Mow: Mow Rotom is the worst out of all of Rotom's forms. It loves the sound of ripping flesh. Nothing can get past it's sharp teeth. It cannot stand still.


Pokemon Moves



Thunder Wave

Thunder Shock

Confuse Ray

Double Team


Shock Wave 

Ominus Wnd

Electro Ball

Overheat (Heat Rotom)

Hydro (Wash Rotom)

Blizzard (Freeze Rotom)

Air Slash (Fan Rotom)

Leaf Storm (Mow Rotom)

SuperSpy Luigi

Rotom can posess different electronic devices to play pranks and wreak havoc.


SuperSpy Agency- Rotom seems to enjoy seeing the agents trapped or in pain. He does help them sometimes, but it loves playing dangerous pranks.

Bill Cipher and Valentine- Rotom looks up to Bill and Valentine as his protectors. He always listens to them. This is unknown why.

Game Grumps- Rotoms hates the Game Grumps. Especially Erin. Rotom hurts and fatally injures them daily. He almost succeeded in killing Danny.


Rotom taking control of Metal Sonic.



(Luigi) ROTOM! (GREEN!)


(Pikachu) Rotom....(Pikachu, The Mouse Pokemon. It lives in forests with others. It stores electricity in the pouches on it's cheeks.)

(Link) ROTOM? (Wait, SANTA'S HERE?)




Rotom's unused chainsaw form.

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