The Pilot is the very first episode of SuperSpy Luigi, where the main characters and the plot was introduced. It was written by Dylan and created in 2003.


When Mario finds out Pikachu and Luigi are both SuperSpies, he gets jealous and becomes a spy of his own, but not the same as Luigi. He covers his face with a ski mask and wears a brown leather duster coat and then goes on his own journeys across the Mushroom Kingdom. But unlike Luigi, he causes destruction and mayhem. About a week later, he keeps hearing about someone called the Mushroom Kingdom Devil (which is actually Mario), later that night Luigi encounters Mario and him Luigi fight it out. Unfortunately for Luigi he wasn't ready for this fight  and Mario gets away. For the next couple weeks, Luigi trains himself to become harder, better, faster, and stronger. A month later Mario and Luigi have their second encounter at one point in the fight Luigi rips off Mario's mask and is shocked to discover who the Mushroom Kingdom Devil actually is. Luigi tries to talk Mario out of being evil but to no avail. They continue fighting throughout the night and Luigi is almost defeated but just when things go dark, Pikachu yells out "LUIGI! I'LL SAVE YOU!" and shocks Mario. Pikachu is also surprised it is Mario and then Mario finally starts realizing that he shouldn't be bad and evil and ect. He gets rid of his ski mask and duster coat and joins Luigi. Pikachu then mentions that an actual Agency was just opened, which was why he even was looking for Luigi in the first place. They all find the Agency and run into it. Then Lakitu turns around and says "Hello my name is Lakitu and my Agency."

Luigi's Crazy Adventures

Year of Creation: 2003

Creator: Dylan

Characters: Luigi, Yoshi

Plot: Luigi must get a cookie jar back from Yoshi.

Bio: Luigi's Crazy Adventures was the first SuperSpy Luigi episode ever conceived. Instead of a full plot, it was only a drawing of Luigi and Yoshi fighting over a Cookie Jar.


Luigi: In the Pilot Luigi wore the traditional clothes he wears in the games, but after the Pilot he wore black sunglasses. and now in the current Season he wears the clothes he had in the Pilot but occasionally he will wear sunglasses.


Main: Mario, Luigi, Pikachu

Minor: Lakitu

References in later Episodes

  • In Parasite!!, Mario uses his alter-ego, The Mushroom Kingdom Devil to defeat the Parasites.
  • Several times, Luigi dreams about him and Yoshi fighting over a cookie jar.
  • A few characters (Mario, Parasoul, Filia, Yoshi) have quoted "You and your crazy adventures, Luigi...."
  • In The Dungeon Master, Umbrella's Clone wears a duster coat similar to Mario's in the Pilot. The coat looks torn and beat up, and could possibly be the same coat.


  • The first instance of SuperSpy Luigi was a poorly-drawn picture of Luigi fighting Yoshi while he's trying to get back a cookie jar.
  • In it's development, SuperSpy Luigi was called Luigi's Crazy Adventures.
  • The creator of SuperSpy Luigi, Dylan started the script for the pilot in 2003 when he was 3, but never cared to finish it even though the series has millions of completed episodes.

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