The Mushroom Cloning Labs (MCL for short) is a laboratory located deep in the Shy Guy Forest. They were the first to make Clones. After an incident with Deoxys 25 years ago, the lab is now abandoned.


Mr. Professor

Scientist Toad 1

Scientist Toad 2

Neneoxys (Formely)

Deoxys (Formerly)

You! Guy's Father

Several unknown (And probably failed) Clones

Porygon BETAS


Outside (25 Years In The Past)

The MCL seemed more futuristic than most of ToadVille back then. It was gray, with strange symbols on the windows. The roof had several tubes and chimneys.

Outside (Present)

The building is destroyed. Most of the inner skeleton of the building is showing. There are bloodstains all over the windows and what's rest of the brick walls. A tree has fallen into the roof. Shingles are all around. Vines have grown all over the outside.

Inside (25 Years In The Past)

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