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Mickey Mouse (ミッキーマウス) is Walt Disney Company's official mascot. In SuperSpy Luigi, he is the Ambassador of Cartoons and the opposite of Bill Cipher in every way possible. Mickey Mouse is a Secondary character in SuperSpy Luigi.


Mickey Mouse is very friendly and fun-loving. Everytime he comes to Gameworld, everyone is delighted to see the Mouse and hear about his adventures. He is also a little forgetful and shy, but that won's stop him from protecting Gameworld from his worst enemy, Bill Cipher. When Mickey means business, he means it.


Bill Cipher: Mickey Mouse and Bill Cipher are worst enemies. Ever since Bill was summoned by Gideon, Mickey wanted to find a way to get rid of the demon. Mickey has never been able to get close to defeating him, usually Bill teleports away from the Mouse.

Luigi: Mickey is a good friend of Luigi, usually telling stories about his Adventures when he visits Gameworld. He usually aids Luigi in his quest to defeat Bill Cipher, Protect important items, and save his friends.

Valentine: Mickey was confused about why Valentine was working with Bill. He dislikes her seductive personailty and wants to get rid of her along with Bill Cipher. Because Mickey don't go there.

Link: Mickey always makes fun of Link's clothes, but is still a good friend to Link. But Link doens't think so, even going as far as trying to kill Mickey. But sadly, Mickey is much more powerful than Link thought.


Minnie Mouse: Possible Spouse/Girlfriend

Morty and Ferdie: Nephews

Amelia: Genetic Sister

Madeline Mouse: Cousin

Oswald: Half Brother

Albemarle Mouse: Great-Grandfather


  • Magic: Mickey appears to use Magic in his Wizard form (Ex. fighting Bill with enchanted fire) This is his most well-used ability in the series.
  • Jumps
  • Speed
  • Physical Strength
  • Imagination
  • Swordsmanship



Age: Unknown (Born November 18th, 1928)

Gender: Male

Species: Mouse

Dislikes: Donald doing bad things, Being called a Rat, Bill Cipher

Eye Color: Black

Nationality: English

Likes: Friends, Having fun, Dancing, Sandwiches

Affiliations: Mickey Mouse Club, Disney, Ajax, Potato Gods

Other Names: Mr. Mouse, Runt, Mick

Homeworld: Walt Disney World

First Appearance: Steamboat Willie (1928)







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