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Matilda (マチルダ) is the tenth new HellValleySky Tree introduced for the new Season. She is the younger form of the HellValleySky Queen and the leader of all Sky Trees and Hell Valley itself. Matilda is a secondary antagonist in the newer Seasons of SuperSpy Luigi.


Age: Around 20 to 30

Gender: Female

Species: HellValleySkyTree

Weakness: Happiness, Sky Trees slacking off

Nationality: British

Affiliations: HellValleySky Army

Type: Boss Monster/Guardian

Element: Shadow/Steel

Blood Color: Red/Green

Homeworld: Hell Valley

First Appearance: SuperSpy Luigi (2014)


Matilda seems to be very annoyed all the time, especially with her children, the Sky Trees. She hurts anyone who touches her and is very aggressive towards them after that. She speaks very quietly even though she has anger issues and is skilled in duels.


  • Hook Arm: Matilda's hand was cut off and replaced with a hook. She is skilled with this weapon.




Forms Taken

Hero Mode:

Dream Cloth:

Final Form: In Matilda's final stage before she became the HellValleySky Queen had large, black, feathery wings and a greenish halo on her head. She loses her sword arm and causes her hand to become a sword. She fought Luigi in this form.



Main Theme: Elsa Maria's Stage

Battle Theme: U.N. Owen was Her? (Rock Remix)


  • All of the new Sky Trees represent ways people can die. Matilda's is stabbing.
  • Like most of the other Sky Trees, the creature or thing that caused the wounds on her body are undefined and will never be confirmed.
  • Matilda slightly resembles Valentine.
  • A few of them represent the 7 Sins, too. Matilda's is Lust.


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