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Mario (マリオ) is the brother of Luigi and possibly the most well-known video game character in the world. He has had over a million games based off of him and has been around since the 1990's. Mario is a main protagonist in SuperSpy Luigi


Age: 33

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Other Names: Jumpman, Mr. Video, Mr. Nintendo, Ossan, Paarthurnax

Affiliations: 2nd Agency, Potato Gods (Formerly), Nintendo, SuperSpy Agency (Formerly)

Homeplanet: Mushroom Kingdom

Family: Luigi (Brother), Peach (Wife), Parents, Terrance (Cousin), Arnaldo (Half-Brother)

First Appearance: Donkey Kong (1981)

Debut: Pilot (2003)


"It's a-Me, Mario!"

"No no!"

"You know what they say in Brooklyn, All toasters toast toast!"

"Luigi, look!"

"It's a stone Luigi, You didn't make it!"


"Oh yeah!"

"Oh no!"




"Luigi, I think you've had too much sugar cereal."


Main Theme: Super Mario Bros. Official Theme Song

Heroic Theme: Super Mario Starman Remix-Lucky Stars

Main Theme #2: Battle Theme (Paper Mario 2)

Hilarity Theme: Crazy in Love

Forms Taken



Luigi: Mario isn't the most loyal brother to Luigi. He joined the 2nd Agency and left Luigi to fend for himself. Luigi tries to protect Mario, but whenever he succeds....Mario doesn't notice. Mario and Luigi go on many adventures, only for this to happen. They work together well rarely.





Filia: Ever since her debut, Mario has never interacted with Filia. It is unknown if they ever will.





2nd Agency: Mario seems to be annoyed with everyone in the 2nd Agency. Mario tries his best to stay far away from everyone, but ends up almost getting killed in the process.


Criminal Record

Stealing: When Mario needed to repay his loan, he found the Grandmaster Coin. Later that day, he came back and learned the coin was put into a museum. With the help of Nadia and Gim (and a few toasters), he got the coin back, only to learn it was worthless.


  • Marios last name is based off of the live-action movie along with Luigi.

Mario's Gallery


File:Super Mario Bros. Full Game

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