Luigi Mario
How Kid Luigi appears in the Series.
How Kid Luigi appears in the Series.
Some attributes
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Other attributes
Kid Luigi (子ルイジ) is Luigi as a Child. He is shown like this in Flashbacks and Dream Sequences.


Luigi's personality differed from Adult to Child. He was brave, Rarely laid back, and didn't judge at all like he does in the present, but he was very gullible and fell for even the most ridiculous rumors and Myths. Even though he was gullible, he had alot of friends and even a few girls had crushes on him.


Age: 10

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Affiliations: None

Occupation: Student

Hobbies: Dreaming, Running, Drawing

Nationality: Italian

Other Names: Little Luigi, Child Luigi, Green Mario, Shadow

Homeworld: Mushroom Kingdom

Dislikes: Minecraft, Hipsters, When people get confused, When his friends get injured


"Imma Luigi!"

"The name's Luigi....."




"(Gasps)...Who are you again?"

"You can't do that to Little Girls!"

"Man, my life sucks...I wish I was like Mario..."

"Hey everybody!"


Pikachu: Luigi and Pikachu act like a boy and his dog. Pikachu was the first friend he has ever had.

Kirby: Luigi and Kirby argue alot, but they still are the best of friends.


Jumpman: Genetic Father

Pauline: Genetic Mother

Mario: Genetic Brother


  • Fireballs: Luigi's Fireballs are very similar to Mario, only the color of his Fireballs are Green and fly in a straight line, not down.
  • Jumps: While Luigi was a child, his jumps were very weak
  • Punches:
  • Kicks:


Main Theme #1: Luigi Story


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