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Luca (ルカ) is the eighth new HellValleySky Tree introduced for the new Season. He is the former seargent for the HellValleySky Army and now a Messanger for his Queen. Luca is a secondary antagonist in the newer Seasons of SuperSpy Luigi.


Age: 24

Gender: Male

Species: HellValleySky Tree

Affiliations: HellValleySky Army

Homeworld: Hell Valley

Blood Color: Magenta

Type: Boss Monster

Element: Shadow/Air

First Appearance: SuperSpy Luigi (2014)


Luca is very clumsy. He is scared of mostly anything (Especially flying in Storms, which led to his demise), but he will do anything for his Queen.


  • Pyrokinesis: Luca is able to blast streams of fire from his palms and shoot small fireballs from his fingertips. His fire color is a light pink.
  • Swiftness: Luca is able to fly very quickly and swiftly. He can dodge mostly anything while flying. Striking his wings can cause alot of complications for him.
  • Shape-Shifting: Like most Sky Trees, Luca can shape-shift. He mostly transforms into birds or bats. Anything that flies or glides, really.


Luigi: At first, Luca didn't think Luigi was a threat, then his Queen told him to destroy the Plumber. Luca did as commanded, but failed and was defeated by his ownn projectile.

HellValleySky Queen: Luca seems to dislike her with burning passion. But if he doesn't follow orders, she would kill him. So he does whatever she wants, even making Luca look like an idiot.


HellValleySky Queen: Genetic Mother

GiratinaGenetic Father


Luca has the same body structure as Felix, but his eyes and mouth color is pink. He has large, tearlike structures coming off of his eyes. He wears a badge with three stars on the front and is the second HellValleySky Tree with visible wings. They are small and bat-like.

Forms Taken

Hero Mode:

Dream Cloth:



Main Theme:

Battle Theme: Octoroon Rangoon


  • All of the new Sky Trees represent ways people can die. Felix's is Blood Loss.
  • A few of them represent the 7 Sins, too. Luca is Sloth, because he doesn't want to work.
  • Luca also represents the Zodiac sign, Sagittarius.


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