Kirby of the Stars
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Other attributes

Luigi: Most of the time, Kirby is annoyed with Luigi's enthusiasm, always waking Kirby up extremely late or way too early. But him and Luigi are still great friends. Kirby's always saving Luigi's sorry ass. Kirby is still mad at Luigi for losing his bouncy ball at Bartholomew's Mansion.

Pikachu: Him and Pikachu don't usually interact. This is not confirmed why they don't talk to each other.

Link: Kirby seems the most annoyed by Link because he never shuts up about The Wind Waker HD. Link and Kirby fight frequently.

Filia: Kirby appears to be secretly attracted to Filia. He enjoys being close to her, but never seems to talk directly to Filia.


Forms Taken

Hero Mode: Kirby's Hero Mode is yellow, with a Green and Pink eyes (Symbolizing the Agency and his heart) he wields a flaming sword and has glowing wings. Kirby also wears a hat resembling his Ultimate Sword's hat. Kirby is extremely powerful in this mode and he used it to defeat the Kirby Clone in CLONED II.

Copy Abilities: Kirby's Copy Abilities come from essences in the enemies he inhales. He steals their soul and uses their abilities. He usually wields a weapon or hat with each unique ability.

SuperSpy Kirby: Kirby's SuperSpy Mode causes him to wear neon green triangle shades and a dark green hat. He wields two pistols. 





"Really Luigi? Really? It's 7:30 in the morning!"

"Oh my Gods, they killed Luigi!"

"That's Me!"

" not....A fu**ing Puffball! Stop calling me a fu**ing puffball! You Bich!

"You could call it Extraordinary Boots, Not normal boots! How does that even make sense?"

"Luigi, you're an Italian plumber created by Japanese people that used to speak in a New York accent. How is this weirder!?"

"Luigi, everyone will die eventually....just get over it..."

"Luigi, everyone's worrying about you. Just get that through your thick skull..."

"We're dungeon dwellers...we're Dungeon Warriors...soon to be Dungeon Masters!"

"I'm walking on sunshine! Whoa-oh-oh!"

"Aw, Samson you broke the TV..."

[Valentine: Who's the creampuff?] "Creampuff!? Lady, you have no idea what I go through...I've seen crazier sh** than you have probably seen..."

(While sending the final hit to Sectonia in the Triple Deluxe Special): "Right back at ya!"

"Pink Puff!? I've been in a Bar Fight, Lady! I'm not afraid of you!"


Age: 20

Gender: Male

Species: Popopo

Orientation: Straight

Eye Color: Blue

Skin Color: Pink

Homeworld: Dream Land

Enemies: Bill Cipher, Valentine, The Spiteful Crow Gang, Deadlox, Missingno.

Friends: Luigi, Pikachu, Link, Lakitu, Filia

Dislikes: Spongecake, Witches, Idiots, Ross, Luigi's shennanigans, PBG

Other Names: Twinkle Popo, Puffball, John


Main Theme #1: Green Greens (Kirby's Epic Yarn)


  • In SuperSpy Luigi 3D World, inside the pages of an Ancient Tome Kirby is known as The Pink Extraterrestrial. This is the first time the series mentions he's an Alien.
  • Kirby's username is KirbyPWNAGE, as revealed in Minecrap.
  • According to the Co-creator, if Kirby were to inhale the essences of the other main protagonists and antagonists in SuperSpy Luigi, it would be: Luigi=Fire, Pikachu=Spark, Link=Sword, Filia=Spike, Bill Cipher=Crash, and Valentine=Ninja.
  • Kirby appears to use Galaxia when he becomes Sword Kirby. This is a reference to Episode 60 of the Kirby anime, Kirby: Right Back at Ya!
  • It is confirmed by the Creators that Kirby is made of Stardust as a joke.
  • In Suits, Kirby is the Diamonds.
  • Kirby has become an antagonist the most times in the Series compared to other characters.
  • It has been confirmed that Kirby doesn't speak english on his own, but rather uses a small translator device, that was knocked out of his throat in The Kirby Predicament.

Kirby Gallery

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