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Isaac is the main protagonist/antagonist of The Binding Of Isaac, a game by Edmund Mcmillen. He is a child being hunted down by his crazy mother. He descends to his basement to escape from her. Isaac is a secondary protagonist in SuperSpy Luigi.


Age: Unknown, appears to be a child

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Affiliations: None

Homeworld: Unknown

First Appearance: The Binding Of Isaac (2011)

Series Debut: SuperSpy Luigi: The Basement (2013)


Isaac appears to get frightened easily. He still will fight if he has to though. Unlike Waddle Dee, he has the guts to walk on bloodstained floors and carcasses. Isaac is able to stay alone for a long time.




Luigi: When Isaac met Luigi, he had no idea who he was, which surprised him. In SuperSpy Luigi:The Basement, they are neutral friends. Luigi seems annoyed with Isaac's cowardly behavior, while Isaac doesn't even want to be with Luigi.

Double: Isaac was also very confused about who (or what) Double was, but he knew it wasn't a friend of his. He journeyed through the Cathedral and fought Double with the help of Luigi. After that, Isaac ran off.

Music used for Isaac


 Battle Theme:

Main Theme #2: Sacrificial


Death: In That Kid, when Double entered the School, she used her abilities to fling Isaac into the air, and ending up landing on the Schools "Welcome!" sign. But he is seen again in The Kid Strikes Back, he is seen perfectly fine (Besides being stuck inside his locker.)


  • Isaac cannot use his tears to defeat enemies in Ninten World. They are much stronger in his own world. There's a gag where he tries to defeat Double with his tears, but just gets her annoyed, resulting in Isaac running away in frustration.


File:The Binding of Isaac All Boss Compilation


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