Hellnith Skie
Some attributes
First Unknown
Second Unknown
Third Unknown
Other attributes
Hellnith (地獄谷スカイルーラー) was the leader of the HellValleySkyTrees until he died and ShiverBurn took his place. Hellnith was found later as a ghost, wishing Luigi luck before he fought ShiverBurn.


  • Hellnith can use ice and fire any way he can possibly imagine
  • Fire Punches
  • Ice Punches
  • Fire Spin
  • Ice Spin
  • Lasers


Age: Around 14 or 15

Gender: Male

Species: Flaming HellValleySkyTree

Family: ShiverBurn (Brother)


  • Hellnith's eyepatch bears resemblance to the one Valentine wears.
  • Hellnith resembles the Pokemon Jirachi, minus the star shape on it's head and coloration.

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