Heavy Mole/Monty Mole
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Heavy Mole (ヘビーモール) is one of Bill Cipher's assassins. He is a large digging robot created by Monty Mole. He first appeared in Kirby's Adventure as a boss. Heavy Mole is a secondary antagonist in SuperSpy Luigi.


Age: 31/Ageless

Gender: Male/Genderless

Species: Mole/Robot

Affiliations: Bill Cipher

Occupations: Assassin

Nationality: Mushroomian

Hobbies: Inventing/Digging

Other Names: Giant Mole Robot Guy

Homeworld: Mushroom Kingdom/Dream Land

First Appearance: Kirby's Adventure (2007)

Series Debut: Miiverse Post drawn by the Lead Writer (2013)


Heavy Mole: Heavy Mole is a robot. Therefore, has no emotion (Even though he does seem aggressive all the time). It often malfunctions and destroys important things.

Monty Mole: He calls himself "The greatest inventor in the Mushroom Kingdom" even though all of his inventions crash, break, or explode. He is skilled in mechanics, though.


Heavy Mole

  • Able to dig through anything
  • Perfect eyesight (Able to see in the dark)
  • Lasers

Monty Mole

  • Sharp Claws
  • Inventing




Battle Theme: Digga Leg



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Music used for Heavy Mole.


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