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Fergus (ファーガス) is the fourth new HellValleySky Tree introduced for the new Season. He represents Aquarius and the Sky Tree version of Valentine. Felix is a secondary antagonist in the newer Seasons of SuperSpy Luigi.


Age: 27

Gender: Male

Species: HellValleySkyTree

Weakness: Happiness, Staying in the Sun too long

Nationality: British 

Affiliations: HellValleySky Army

Type: Boss Monster

Element: Shadow/Water

Blood Color: Blue 

Homeworld: Hell Valley

First Appearance: SuperSpy Luigi (2014)


Fergus is very agressive at all times. It is unknown what he is mad at, and the other Sky Trees are annoyed by him and try to calm him down, but fail every time. Fergus lashes out at both friends and enemies. He swears constantly, even more than Blue Toad.


  • Water Control: Fergus can control water with his mind and cause it to destroy entire lands and buildings. He also uses it to battle his enemies.
  • Punches: Fergus's punches are especially dangerous, able to smash a boulder to pieces. He doesn't usually use this to fight enemies, but rather uses it to clear obstacles.
  • Kicks: Fergus's kicks are much weaker than his punches, but still stings badly. He jumps up and spins in the air when he kicks, like a helicopter.
  • Fireballs:
  • Star Spin:



HellValleySky Queen: Genetic Mother

Giratina: Genetic Father


Fergus is a short but lanky sky tree with blue eyes/mouth/scars. It is unknown where these scars came from, possibly the Toad & Koopa War.

Forms Taken

Hero Mode: Fergus'a Hero Mode doesn't really cosmetically change him, but he gets a Scimitar as a weapon, an eyepatch, and a pirate's hat with a jolly roger on the front. His form reflects on the fact that his zodiac sign is the Aquarius.

Dream Cloth: Fergus's Dream Cloth is a Water Viking. He is missing a horn from his helmet, has a blue flowing scarf/cape, and a hook for a hand.

Quotes (NSFW)


[Luigi]: Errgh...what the hell do you want, Green Kid?

[Kirby]: Fu**ing Strawberry! Get outta my way!

[Pikachu]: I have no fu**ing time for Pocket Monsters!

[Link]: What are you, gay!? Take those stupid clothes off!

[Filia]: Who created you!? Your curves are impossible!

[Bill]: Who thought you would make a good villian, some weirdo high on drugs!?

[Valentine]: Your cleavage....what's wrong with you!?


[Luigi]: Oof....damn you to hell, Green Kid...

[Kirby]: This is impossible...















Main Theme: Fuchisa Ruler

Battle Theme: Trio Battle Theme (Diamond & Pearl)


  • Fergus has a scar on his lip similar to Valentine's.
  • All of the new Sky Trees represent ways people can die. Fergus's is drowning.
  • A few of them represent the 7 Sins, too. Fergus is Anger.
  • Fergus's personality is based off of Karkat's.


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