Dedede's Enemies is a series created by the Co-Creator of SuperSpy Luigi. It stars the enemies from the Kirby series that go on crazy adventures together.


Episode Name Date Synopsis
"Welcome Back" 4/26/2014 Plasma Wisp returns to his friends so he can defeat Nega-Waddle Doo.
"Indegogo" 4/26/2014 Waddle Doo is angered about a indegogo campaign (My Little Pony Island) and is angered. He goes on a strike.
"BookFace" 4/26/2014 Plasma Wisp and Lalala make Waddle Doo a FaceBook account and he dislikes it.
"PoulterWisp" 4/26/2014 Plasma Wisp buys a strange tape cassette and releases ghosts throughout DeDeDe's Castle. They call on the help of Luigi.
"Segzucation" 4/27/2014 Plasma Wisp find some books on sexual education and are frightened of their future. Lalala tries to clear them up.
"Camp Sunshine" 4/27/2014 Plasma Wisp and Lalala go camping and get lost in the bear infested woods. Plasma Wisp quickly gets kidnapped by Killy McSerialKiller.
"Move" 4/27/2014 DeDeDe decides to move the castle to a new world, but it will be a long, hard journey for Waddle Doo.
"Life Among Us" 4/27/2014 Waddle Doo and Plasma Wisp find a Popopo Baby and try to take care of it....without Lalala.
"Koozer Returns" 4/27/2014 Koozer, Bronto Burt's replacement, creates an evil machine that will destroy Dream Land. It's up to the trio to stop him.
Season 2
Episode Name Date Synopsis
"Do the Doo" 4/29/2014 Waddle Doo reveals to Plasma Wisp that he owns a night club where he sings. Plasma Wisp, of course...ruins this.
"Indestopstop" 4/29/2014 Waddle Doo gets a false copy of Half Life 3 in the mail, and is angered by what he finds on the disc. He attacks Gaben, only to find out a dark secret about the man.
"Plasma Wisp's Package" 4/29/2014 In this parody of The Krusty Krab Pizza, Plasma Wisp and Waddle Dee deliver an important package through the desert and back, only to find out the thing in the package wasn't what they expected.
"Plasma Bits" 4/29/2014 Plasma Wisp creates a breakfast cereal, and gets thousands of dollars from it. He lets it go to his head.
"Adventures In Stupidity" 4/29/2014 Plasma Wisp finally meets other people from his species and gets lost in a monster-filled dungeon.
"Wii Pew" 4/29/2014 Plasma Wisp buys a Wii and has it break within one day. He tries to sue Nintendo for their indecency.
"Cross-Over" 4/29/2014 Waddle Doo and friends visit the SuperSpy Agency to see what Luigi does for a living.
"Timeskippers" 4/29/2014 Waddle Doo and Plasma Wisp find a Time Machine. They go back in time to learn about DeDeDe's timeline.
"A True Friend" 4/29/2014 Waddle Doo does a good deed, but neither Lalala or Plasma Wisp see him do this, and they think he's just getting money.
Season 3
Episode Name Date Synopsis
"Plasma Wisp's Magical Boatride" 4/29/2014
"Pilot, Part 2!" 4/29/2014
"We're Doomed! (For Real Now!)" 4/29/2014


Main: Waddle Doo, Plasma Wisp, Lalala, Waddle Dee

Minor: King DeDeDe, Kirby, Meta Knight

Cameos: Luigi, Kirby, Filia, Link

Mentioned: Scooter Rechid, Bronto Burt


Plasma Wisp

  • Before he died, he was green, like his regular palette.
  • In the new series, he's blue.

Waddle Doo

  • Waddle Doo hasn't changed ever since his first appearance


  • Originally was Bronto Burt, but was replaced by Lalala because she was more of a female character.

Waddle Dee

King DeDeDe

2011 Series

The 2011 series was known as DeDeDe's Enemies. It starred Waddle Doo, Plasma Wisp, and Bronto Burt getting themselves in trouble and going on adventures through DreamWorld.


Series Finale


(From "Plasma Wisp's Package") Waddle Dee: Here's your package, mister. Sword Knight: Finally! My dirty magazines are here! Waddle Dee: ----WHAT!? AUUGGGH! I'VE BEEN CARRYING SMUT IN MY HANDS!


Gaming Enemies

Themes Parodied

Season 1:


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