Dark Matter
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First Unknown
Second Unknown
Third Unknown
Other attributes

Dark Matter (ダークマター) is a being made out of pure darkness that inhabits the space around GameWorld. He is a secondary antagonist in SuperSpy Luigi. Dark Matter works for Dark Mind.


Age: Unknown

Gender: Male

Species: Dark matter

Occupation: Swordsman, Minion

Eye Color: Green (Swordsman Form) Red (True Form)

HomePlanet: GameWorld Space

First Appearance: Kirby's Adventure 2


Swordsman Form
Ability Name Attack Description
Blighted Sword Slashes (Main Attack)
Sword Beam Blasts a beam from his sword, causing devastating damage.
Blade Ram Runs into the target with it's sword.
Slash Of The Gods Summons a powerful light and slashes nonstop.

True Form
Ability Name Attack Description
Blood Beam Blasts a large beam from his eye (Main Attack)
Dark Lightning Shoots powerful black lightning bolts and hit everything.
Ram Rams into it's target.


Dark Mind

Dark Matter hates it when he's ordered around by Dark Mind, but he listens anyways. Until he lost his mind (HA HA.) and attacked him. Dark Mind killed him and stole his abilities.

Dark Nebula

Dark Matter and Dark Mind appear to be friendly rivals and compete with each other.


Dark Matter laughs at the fact that Luigi is a great hero of the Mushroom Kingdom. Of course, he gets corrected when Luigi defeats him for the first time.


(To Luigi) "SERIOUSLY!? You're the hero everyone depends on!? Don't make me laugh!"

"REALLY!? You are in the Agency!? WHO HIRED YOU!? A TOASTER!?"



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