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Crazy Mario (クレイジーマリオ) is Crazy Luigi's brother created on accident by Lakitu as a failed clone of Mario. He leads the team of failed clones and became embassodor of Happy Land (Which is actually fake). Crazy Mario is a secondary antagonist/protagonist in SuperSpy Luigi.


Age: 33

Gender: Male

Species: Failed Clone

Orientation: Straight

Occupation: McDonald's Employee, SuperSpy, King

Affiliations: SuperSpy Agency (Temporarily)

Eye Color: Black

Blood Color: Rainbow

HomePlanet: Mushroom Kingdom

First Appearance: SuperSpy Luigi (2003)


Crazy Mario is a slight bit smarter than Crazy Luigi. He usually leads the way in the failed clones team. He is unpredictable at times and rarely uses common sense and real words. Crazy Mario also seems to intersted in everything and is very curious of those things.


  • Fireballs: Crazy Mario's Fire doesn't bounce like Mario's does. It rather loop-de-loops around until exploding in contact with an enemy. He rarely uses this ability.
  • Jumps: Crazy Mario jumps very low and lands slowly unlike the other Mario Brothers and Failed Clones. It's also rare to see him jump.
  • Deformation: Crazy Mario seems to be able to move around his bones and change his body shape.



Main Theme: Chase the Bunnies!

Main Theme #2: Wanda Wanda

Chase Theme: Aquatic Race






  • Over exaggerates when he coughs or laughs
  • Always happens to kick Crazy Luigi in the testicles when he's near him
  • Don't trust him with a weapon. Crazy Mario will shoot the closest thing in front of him
  • Skips instead of walking
  • Picks his nose constantly


  • Unlike Crazy Luigi, Mario actually IS insane and likes being that way.


File:Vinesauce Vinny - Super Boy

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