Clones are imperfect versions of already existing characters in SuperSpy Luigi. Most of them were accidentally created by the SuperSpy Agency. Clones are usually always minor or secondary antagonists.

Clones Of Luigi

Unnamed Clone #2: A Clone of Luigi after the first Luigi Clone was created. It is wearing gray overalls instead of blue. It has a beartrap-like mouth and sharp claw-like hands. It doesn't wear a hat. Instead of speaking, it snarls.

Clones Of Mario

Clones Of Pikachu

Clones Of Kirby


A Clone of Kirby that wears a paper bag on his head to hide his crudely drawn face. He appears to be retarded.

Clones Of Filia

FCCCCHHH: A Clone of Filia created without a face. A bizarre, warped face was painted on by Blue  Toad. It has one arm that's noodley and longer than the other. It speaks in marker squeaks.

Unnamed Clone #2: A Clone that's similar to Filia in every way besides the one large eyeball in the middle of it's face. It has no mouth, but it is capable of speech.

Unnamed Clone #3: A Clone of Filia with a crooked smile that reaches ear-to-ear. It has sharp claws similar to Unnamed Luigi Clone #2. It doesn't speak, but laughs maniacally. It's clothes appear to be soaked with blood.

Clones Of Link

Other Clones

Bill Cipher Clone

The most dangerous Clone created. Bill accidentally created after falling into The Cloning Machine. His own Clone tried to kill him. The Bill Cipher Clone is a minor antagonist.


  • There has never been a successful Clone of Filia up to date. The Cloning Machine might not be able to handle the curves in her posture.


FCCCCHHH (Translated from marker squeaks)

"This place is full of dumbass hippies. I'm leaving."

Art and Other Materials

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