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Chilly is one of Bill Cipher's #1 Assasins. Chilly is a main antagonist in the newer Seasons of SuperSpy Luigi.


Normal Description

Age: Unknown, but presumably a teen

Gender: Male

Species: Artificial Snowman

Affiliations: Bill Cipher, Assassins Association

Homeworld: DreamLand

First Appearance: Kirby's Adventure (1993)

Besistiary Description

Type: Boss Monster

Weapon: Ice Shard Blade

Affiliation: Assassins Association

Defeated by: Valerie

Bio: An Evil Snowman sent by the AA to rid of SuperSpies.


  • Creating weapons out of snow
  • Able to freeze anything
  • Creating anything out of ice
  • Using Icicles as projectiles
  • Able to create sheilds out of cold winds
  • Teleportation
  • Ice Dragon (An imitation of Luigi's "Double Fire Dragon" move)


Bill Cipher: Chilly doesn't seem to think becoming a minion for Bill was a good idea. He works on his own, even trying to kill Bill (Unintentional reference) at times.

Valentine: Chilly dislikes Valentine even more than Bill. In his debut, he actually tried to kill Valentine by slitting her neck with an Icicle Shard Sword. Currently, they still dislike each other.

Game Grumps: Chilly finds the Game Grumps to be the most obnoxius of all, and tries his best to stay far away as possible from them.


Forms Taken




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