Pendelton "Bubbles" Ivans
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Bubbles (泡) is a small HellValleySkyTree and the first protector of HellValleySky. He is the shortest in height, thus being able to reach places others could not. Even though he is small, he can pack quite a punch. Bubbles is a minor antagonist in SuperSpy Luigi.


Age: Unknown, Presumably a Child or Middle-aged

Gender: Male (Mistakened for Female frequently)

Species: HellValleySkyTree (Mini Type)

Homeworld: Hell Valley

Weakness: Tall People, Bottles, Butterfly Nets

Affiliations: HellValleySkyTree Army

Other Names: Pipsqueak, Tiny, Mouse, Pathetic Insect

Blood Color: Orange

Talents: Fighting in small areas, Coloring in the lines

Type: Boss Monster

Element: Shadow

First Appearance: SuperSpy Luigi (2013)

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