Bowser's Enemies
The 2014 Title Card
Vital statistics
Author Stiv Marcotte, Dylan O'brien
Illustrator Stiv Marcotte
Published on 2011-2014
Published by LUIGI CO.
Publication order
Previous Next
SuperSpy Luigi DeDeDe's Kingdom
Bowser's Enemies (クッパの敵) is a Series created by Stiv Marcotte (The Writer for SuperSpy Luigi) about a trio of Enemies from the Mario Series embark on a variety of Adventures and Conflicts.


Episode 1, Season 1: The enemies release Bonetail from his eternal prison to deafeat Mario, but it all goes horribly wrong.

Final Episode: Boo leaves Bowser's Castle because he is being ignored after a new enemy (Fuzzy) joins the group.

Episode 1, Season 1:


References to Other Series



  • On the Title Card, It appears that Kung Boo is a Boo Buddy rather than a regular Boo.


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