Berny Katsuo
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Berny is a Shopkeeper that owns the thrift store, Berny's Useless Stuff. He is a red Bob-Omb wearing a hat with many buttons representing characters in SuperSpy Luigi. Berny is a supporting character/protagonist/antagonist.


Age: 25

Gender: Male

Species: Bob-Omb Buddy

Affiliations: GameWorld Stores, Potato Gods (Formerly), Several Gaming Companies

Likes: Anime, Video games NO ONE has ever heard about, Manga

Dislikes: Theives (Above ALL ELSE)

Friends: Luigi, Kirby, Pikachu, Link, Filia, Lakitu

Enemies: Bill Cipher, Valentine, Giratina, Reginold, Leapold

First Appearance: SuperSpy Luigi (2013)


Berny is an Otaku/Nerd. He enjoys collecting strange objects he finds and puts them in his shop for a high price. He is smarter than most people know. He is easily angered by anyone who steals. Berny also appears to blush easily.


Bulko & Bomberto:

Eddy Bomb: Eddy Bomb is a small, black Bob-Omb with an E where his face should be. He lives in the Canopy Kingdom with Carson. All he says is "Een!"









"Welcome, friend and/or enemy."

"You can't sell a lollipop you already ate..."


God's Drum: The God's drum was given to Luigi by Berny so Luigi could defeat Arch Pandara.

Skull Heart: Berny found the Skull Heart in "some kind of cave in the Canopy Kingdom." He trusted it to Luigi because he couldn't do anything useful with it because it is said that it only works on females. Luigi hid it from Missingno. so he wouldn't be able to corrupt GameWorld.

Parasite Removal System: The Parasite Removal System is a powerful robotic arm created by Berny. It is made out of 57 Gears, Life Energy, and 4 sharp objects. In the episode "Mortality" Berny mentioned it was destroyed by a Beur Drive.

Floating Cube Thingys: All of Berny's relatives sell strange floating cubes that resemble Tofu as a running gag. They have never been defined yet.

Object Cameos


  • Berny knows much about Parasites, but he doesn't like sharing his knowledge with other people.
  • In Mortality, It is confirmed by Xemnort that Berny is considered a DemiGod.
  • Berny's last names are Japanese. They translate into: Hideaki, which means "Shining excellence" and Katsuo means "Victorius child"


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