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Arachknight is the typical "first boss" in most of SuperSpy Luigi: The Dungeon Master. It is a large, armored spider that hides dynamite in a false eyeball in the middle of it's head. Aracknight was created by a Writer of the show in Minecraft as a boss for a dungeon he created.


Age: ???

Gender: Male/Female (Undefined)

Species: Arachnid

Affiliations: Bill Cipher, Smorg

Homeworld: GameWorld's Dungeons

First Appearance: SuperSpy Luigi: The Dungeon Master



Arachknight is a combination of "Arachnid" which is the scientific name for Spider, and "Knight" as in the warriors from the medieval ages.


Luigi, Umbrella, Kirby & Waddle Dee:

Smorg: Smorg is Arachnight's master during the events of The Dungeon Master.


[Creation]: Arachknight was accidentally created by Smorg, who made him by fusing metal with a spider. Deciding to put the accident to good use, he made Arachknight a part of his army.

[Death]: Arachknight was defeated by Luigi when



  • Aracknight's original spelling is "Arachknight", but was shortened to "Aracknight" for the series.
  • Arachknight is very similar to the The Legend of Zelda boss Armogohma, from Twilight Princess, in the way that they are both arachnids with armor, and can only be defeated by outside forces.
  • Arachkinght's EX form is a different kind of arachnid, instead of a spider, he becomes a scorpion.


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