Aegislash in his Shield and Blade form.

Aegislash are sword Pokemon that gaurd Temples is the Mushroom Kingdom. They are Ghost/Steel types. Nobody knows who created them.


Aegislash is very anti-social. He especially hates it when something breaks the silence. Sometimes, he doesn't even gaurd the temple and just lets anyone in. As long as they are out of his sight, he is happy.



(To Bill and Valentine) Hi there! And Welcome to-oh, it's you guys again.

Oh, it's Triangle Man and Hello Nurse.

(Luigi) Hi Welcome to the Temple. Now take your sh*t and leave.

(Kirby) Go away! We don't sell cakes, dumbass.

You're way to fat to fit through the temple door, you idiot.

(Filia) Hi there hot stuff! No, i'm kidding. Get the hell out of my sight.

Hey you, yea you...the heavyset girl. Come here....what?

(Mario) Why don't you go and smoke your pipes.

I'm sorry, your princess is in another temple.

(Link) Oh, the Hero of Time. Get out.

Don't you have bombs, ropes, and lamp oil to collect?


(Lakitu) I'm sorry, we don't want whatever you're selling.

(Pikachu) You registered me in your Pokedex. Now is it complete? Run along kid.


(Bill or Valentine) No sh*t, dumbass...


(Anyone) least i can finally faint...


Aegislash hates everyone and thinks the world would be better off without them. He even hates his own kind. He hates HIMSELF sometimes.


  • Aegislash has a sword and shield mode. He gaurds with sheild mode and attacks with sword mode.
  • He calls on other Aegislash to attack with him.

Pokemon Moves

  • Fury Cutter
  • Swords Dance
  • Shadow Sneak
  • Aerial Ace
  • Slash
  • Iron Defense
  • Night Slash
  • Sacred Sword
  • King's Sheild


  • Aegislash is imagined with the voice of the Banana Gaurds from Adventure Time.

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