The Adur solar system is a solar system comprised of 9 planets. the solar system spans around 4.67 AU and each planet is numbered depending on how far away it is from the sun. The Adur solar system is located within the Cerinista constellation.

List of planets


  • The Adur solar system was formed when a star fell into the orbit of a black hole but was pulled away from it by the gravity of an exoplanet, which flung it in a completely different direction. As it drifted through space, other planets got caught in its orbit. These planets are today known as Adur 1-9.
  • The Adur solar system is still drifting today, and it is said that it will get caught in the orbit of another star by early 6020.
  • Because of the direction of the Adur solar system'd drifting, it is said that in the beginning of 6023, it will pass another star, thus giving the Adur solar system a binary star system.
  • As of now, there is a star that is at the end of it's life cycle, and will die soon. When it dies, it will emit a GRB (Gamma ray burst) that might obliterate he Adur solar system, but scientists' technology isn't sophisticated enough to determine whether the GRB will hit the Adur solar system or not.

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