Adur 3


Adur 3 is a large planet located within the Adur Solar System. It is inhospitable and, as far as we know, does not host any life. Scientists have sent probes to Adur 3, and the data that was returned was unable to be analyzed. The planet emits bursts of electromagnetic radiation, which, scientists speculate, could be the cause of very violent storms on the planet's surface.


Countless lives have been lost whilst trying to explore Adur 3. In 3214, a group of 50 scientists were sent on a 3-month journey to Adur 3. Nobody ever came back.


  • Adur 3 gets it's pink color from the extremely high concentration of ammonia within it's atmosphere
  • Adur 3 has a very strong gravitational pull, therefore, any living being that would enter the planet's gravitational pull would immediately be pulled to its surface. this is unfortunate because Adur 3 is mostly a gas giant, therefore, instead of hitting any surface, anything that would get caught in the gravitational pull would fly in and out of the planet at extreme velocities, thus vaporizing anything that comes near it. This is the cause of most of the casualties that have occurred during exploration.

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